Consolidating benefits. Reducing costs.

One of our primary objectives is to deliver outstanding value-for-money employee benefits without compromising quality.

Our SMARTBROKING™ process does just that, by consolidating and homogenising your current benefits (or our recommended, bespoke scheme) and renewals into a complete benefits bundle, so that we can secure best rates for your company when we present your scheme to the marketplace – due in no small part to robust economies of scale negotiations.

Knock-on benefits will include simplified and streamlined admin and payroll, rationalisation of renewal dates and a harmonised scheme for new joiners.

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Employee Benefits Proposition

High quality, sustainable…and scalable

Our proposition covers all bases.

As an employee benefits partner, we’ll appoint a dedicated and experienced Account Manager, Financial Adviser and Group Risk Consultant to work closely with your management and HR department to create or enhance your reward scheme.

We’ll take care of your scheme administration and offer full support. We’ll provide valuations, illustrations, documentation and handle general queries as and when required.

We’ll build a communications strategy to promote employee engagement and get your message across so that your reward scheme is appreciated and valued and your return on investment maximised. As advocates of workplace financial education, we’ll also make sure that each and every member can access quality, personal, financial advice.

We’re confident that our employee benefits proposition, our innovative SMARTBROKING™ process, service level agreement and robust governance, compliance and data protection measures will impress and exceed your expectations.

Employee Benefits Products

A tax-efficient and cost-effective way to provide your employees’ beneficiaries with financial peace of mind should the unthinkable happen. Group Life can provide varying levels of benefits – in most cases in a tax free environment. GLA remains one of the most cost-efficient products within the Employee Benefits arena and as such is seen as the staple product for Employers to offer their employees.

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Traditionally an income replacement offering ensuring that should an employee be faced with a lengthy period of absence from work, GIP will provide a level of income security. Recent evolution of the product has pushed the benefit toward Early Intervention services. This ensures your employees have support in place not only financially, but are supported where possible with rehabilitation and guidance.

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High quality private medical schemes ensure that should any of your key employees require acute treatment, this is managed within an efficient timescale minimising the absence period. Private Medical is modular in its structure and as such can be tailored to ensure budget expectations can be met along with benefit specifications.

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Offering a tax free lump sum to employees. Group CI plans offer a generous range of insured conditions along with simplified underwriting not found on the individual market place. This makes GCI an appealing proposition either as an Employer-paid benefit or as quite often seen, as part of a flex proposition.

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Offering coverage for everyday treatment costs. Usually low cost outlay for Employers but highly perceived benefit resulting in one of the leading benefit retention tools. Add ons include Employee Assistance Programmes and Reward sites ensuring the policy provides options to suit the needs of the Employer.

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With the costs of dental treatment continuing to increase and the biggest barrier against visiting a dental practice being cost, dental plans aim to help cover a significant level of the charges. From everyday check-ups and hygienist appointments to crown replacements, dental plans can be provided on multiple levels to ensure the coverage meets the requirements of members.

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We work closely with several employee reward platforms to ensure a seamless coverage of flexible and voluntary benefits to employees. Flexible plans allow for enhanced rates on multiple policies which come at very little cost burden to the Employer but offering Employees a selectable choice dependant on their personal requirements.

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The value of Investments can go down as well as up and your company may get back less than it originally invested. Legislation and tax rules may be subject to change and your company’s circumstances may also impact on tax treatment.